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Main benefits

The Collaborative Platform

A quick and intuitive start for instant membership for your collaborators and partners; get their data at a glance.

Your communication

An access management system that is very simple and customizable in just a few clicks; your teams will always be close to you.


A collaborative platform on the cloud to connect you at any time, from any location and from any device.

Saving time and money

Optimized communication flows and automatic quality control; solve errors before starting to build.

Deliverables on time

Get down to basics, 4 essential features to carry out your projects.

Customer service

A team at your disposal and always available to help you on all your projects.


BIMData performs the synthesis between geometry and data. The solution is divided into four modules: a viewer, an exchange platform, a geometric verification and an IFC editor. BIMData is the only solution that connects data, collaboration and geometric control.
Pascal Loisel, Director of Development Assistance and Heritage, responsible for BIM activities at Socotec

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