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Quality projects based on reliable data !

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With BIM Checker

  • Set the standards for your projects
  • Integrate the specifications
  • Simplify the quality control of your building
  • Manage sustainable, quality buildings with a smart operating directory
  • Get better visibility with automatic data control

Optimize your time and keep control on your data

Save time by optimizing your roundtrips with the BIM Checker and work with confidence by keeping control over your digital model. You can thus ensure the quality of the data of all the participants in your projects, during the entire process of model standardization.

Results? You optimize your costs, your deadlines and increase your productivity by responding quickly to the requirements of your projects.


Share the data so as to control it better

Communicate effectively with the real BCF “post-it” of the digital model. Your comments will be visible to everybody and the management of the model will be much faster.

360° vision
of your project

A clear and always up-to-date dashboard that allows you to control your projects free of stress and to focus on the essentials.

Fix problems before implementation and build more quickly

Identify errors before starting to build, inform your employees and solve problems directly on the digital model (missing information, inconsistencies, collisions etc.).

A positive impact on your operating directory

Thanks to the BIM Checker you will improve the management of your costs, the knowledge of the project and anticipate the risks from site preparation to the maintenance and operation of the building.

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