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Your employees and partners will see clearly what you mean

BIM viewer

With BIM Viewer

  • Illustrate your projects and explain them in more concrete terms to your teams and customers
  • Get quick access to your models from any device without the need to download any software
  • Get your projects easily with the latest versions of IFC standards (IFC2x3 and IFC4) and BCF (2.1)
  • Exchange, comment and share information easily with all employees
  • Make “post-its” visible to those who intervene directly on your projects

Produce quality images and data

Collaborate simply with all professions: BIM Manager, Architect, Engineer, Company or Project Manager with BIM Viewer and avoid the errors of interpretation by basing your argument on concrete evidence.

Using the BCF (Building Collaboration Format) technology, BIM Viewer allows you to invite your collaborators to leave comments visible by everybody, directly on your digital model. This gives you quick access to information such as conflict detection, data query, and plan change requests.



BIMData is the first BIM Collaborative Platform offering a fully compatible BIM Viewer and BIM Checker. Instantly integrate and check the data of your employees and get a quality rendering.


A multitude of options for greater reliability and better communication with all your partners: make cuts in one click, take measurements, isolate and hide the elements and change their transparency.


Navigate in the first person (video game mode) and detect conflicts more easily through a real context in all your projects.


Regular updating of your projects thanks to the latest versions of IFC (IFC2x3, IFC4). Save even more time by assembling multiple models at once.

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