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Collaborative Platform

Correct problems with multi-business coordination

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With BIMData.io

  • Work on a collaborative platform that allows you to bring together all the actors on a project and to involve them 100%
  • Invite your collaborators and partners, set up their access, share your data (PDF, DWG, IFC, RVT etc.) and just start collaborating
  • Define your dashboard to control the progress of your projects in a simple manner
  • Connect existing business software to save time with the BIMData API and automate updates and control actions
  • Integrate the data of your digital models into your business software (CMMS, GTP, ERP, etc.) and on the web

Find your projects and your partners in the cloud

Easily create and coordinate information flows through the Collaborative Platform and assign users to your projects. With a few clicks, you can also assign them roles that define the levels of control and access to project documents.

Results? An effective collaborative working method while keeping control over the data of your project.


Define roles and responsibilities with precision

The platform allows you to set up a folder architecture according to your organization and to define in great detail the access rights of people involved.

Normalize projects in a relaxed way

The flexibility of the platform and its document management system ensure compliance with BIM project management standards (PAS 1192-2 and ISO 19650).

Validate your data

Accelerate the validation of digital models and associated documents with the workflow system.

An interoperable

Simply export your digital model directly to the right folder in the BIMData platform.

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