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What is BIM

BIM or Building Information Modeling, is a way of working that with the use of software allows for the optimisation of the design process, execution and management of a building or infrastructure. Moreover, BIM uses 3D in order to present the project with the exact physical and operational characteristics.

At what point in the life-cycle of a building does BIM come into play?

BIM is mainly used in the design and construction phase, nevertheless it can also be very useful in the operation and destruction phase.

What is Open BIM?

It is neither a brand nor software. Actually, it allows everyone taking part in a project to participate whatever their original working software. This brings together the open source standards and technologies such as IFC, COBie and BCF which can be used throughout the duration of the works.

What is BCF?

BCF or BIM Collaboration Format is the format for comments that can be attached to a mock-up.

Why choose IFC?

IFC or Industry Foundation Classes is the format for the exchanging and sharing of BIM-related information between software. This display format is standardised (ISO standard 16739). It allows descriptions of objects (walls, windows, spaces, fences, etc.), their characteristics and relationships. The objective of this format is to make communication easier between different people working on a project. There’s no longer any need to manually transfer data from one format to another. This translates into a saving of time and, consequently, also costs.





How to access BIMData?

Simply create an account here: https://beta.bimdata.io/login#/

Who is BIMData.ioaimed at?

BIMData.io is aimed at all building professionals who wish to improve their communication flow, have a 3D viewer of their models, be able to carry out checks to guarantee the quality and the standards of the mock-up and obtain technical information on different projects.

Does BIMData handle the Revit format?

No, as Revit is a proprietary format. In order to send displays on BIMData from Revit, the Revit plug-in has to be downloaded. The platform only handles IFC formats.

Where is data stored and is it secure?

Data is stored in France at OVH on secure and redundant servers. Our connections are secure and encrypted on SSL and our applications use OAuth2 protocol to authenticate users. Backups of all our data and applications are done regularly and automatically.

Who can see my documents?

Nobody except the people you have invited to work on your projects with you.

What is the maximum size of a file that I can use on the platform?

BIMData.io allows files up to 300Mb, for more contact us.

Can accounts be deleted?

Contact our technical team. Soon you will be able to do it yourself.

How are partners invited?

From the platform, select the cloud concerned then click to add a user.

Can data be modified?

Absolutely, yes.

Can geometry be modified?

No, only data can be modified.

What formats are compatible with BIMData.io ?

Only IFC formats are compatible.

How can I recover my password?

Below is the connection form, click on: “Forgotten password” and follow the instructions.

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