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Information Manager

Manage information and manage the operation of your building

Information Manager BIMData

With Information Manager

  • Centralize the information of all stakeholders in your projects on a single interface
  • Prepare specific filters for your models
  • Simplify access to the information needed for each stage of the project and each type of actor (subcontractors, MOA, Facility Manager)
  • Add data as the project goes along (brands, references, QR code etc.)
  • Combine with BIM Checker to pass quality control as many times as necessary for optimal delivery and operation

Get deliverables on time

Classify your models according to configurable filters and obtain reliable information, adapted to your needs with the Information Manager of BIMData.io.

By using the Open BIM (IFC) process, the Information Manager allows you to keep control over your data throughout your projects. You can also integrate asset management by adding data such as references, models, and so on.


Edit and share

Easily edit and share model information through a simple editing tool such as a spreadsheet.

A filter system
by business

Quickly identify the most useful data for your needs with business filters.

Quantify the elements of the project

Get reliable quantities that you just have to associate with the right ratios thanks to our algorithm.

Add your

Annotate and link your documents to the various objects previously registered in the model.

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